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panta rhei assists individuals in shaping and operating their philanthropy. Our goal is to maximize both: the donor’s personal satisfaction and the impact on the communities the client chooses to serve.

The starting point for our work is the donor’s goals and interests. We have learned that the impact of philanthropic giving is greatly increased if time and effort is invested in clarifying mission and goals, conducting research to learn about issues and opportunities, and formulating strategies to achieve the donor’s goals.

In the start-up phase of establishing a charitable foundation we offer our clients support in:

  • the development of mission, vision, strategy
  • strategic planning and facilitation
  • program design
  • research (potential grantees, partners, best practices)
  • organisational alignment

When it comes to managing the foundation’s operations, our clients can rely on our services: 

  • program design
  • grant management and administration
  • communications
  • reporting to boards and authorities


If you wish to learn more about panta rhei, please do not hesitate to contact us:


panta rhei Stiftungsberatung
Dr. Karsten Timmer
Founder and Managing Director

Schlosshofstr. 1

33615 Bielefeld


Phone: ++49 521 16 39 119

Mail:     kontakt{at}beratung-pantarhei.de